ARTBULL™ 600M Hunting Laser Rangefinder

Elevate your hunting and outdoor activities with our state-of-the-art 600M Laser Rangefinder. Engineered for accuracy, stability, and rapid measurements, it's your trusted companion in the wild.


1. Optical Excellence with 6x Lens
See beyond limits. Our rangefinder boasts a 6x optical lens with advanced coating, providing a bright field of vision, extended measurement distance, and crystal-clear imaging. Uncover every detail, no matter how distant.

2. Rugged and Weatherproof Design
Conquer any environment. With an IP54 waterproof rating, dustproof construction, and a robust shell designed to withstand a 1.5m fall, this rangefinder fearlessly tackles environmental challenges. The anti-slip preputial pattern ensures a secure grip even in the toughest conditions.

3. Swift 0.3s Rapid Measurement
Time is of the essence. Our rangefinder delivers rapid measurements in just 0.3 seconds, ensuring you capture critical distance data swiftly and accurately. Stay ahead of the game with unmatched responsiveness.

4. Velocity Measurement
Unleash advanced capabilities. Measure not only distance but also velocity. A simple press of the measurement button activates velocity measurement, displaying real-time speed for moving objects. Precision hunting has never been this dynamic.

5. Unit Switching and Intelligent Power Saving
Adapt to your preferences. Switch effortlessly between meter and yard units. Experience intelligent power saving features that optimize battery life without compromising performance, ensuring your rangefinder is always ready for action.

6. High Definition Imaging
Immerse yourself in clarity. Our rangefinder delivers high-definition imaging, providing a detailed and vivid view of your surroundings. See with precision, ensuring nothing escapes your gaze.


Perfect for hunting enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers, our 600M Laser Rangefinder combines cutting-edge technology with rugged design, delivering unmatched accuracy and performance in any terrain.

Ready to redefine your hunting experience? Acquire the precision you deserve with our 600M Outdoor Hunting Laser Rangefinder. Order now and master the wilderness like never before!


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