MANIKO™ 29 in 1 Emergency Survival Kit

Are you an outdoor enthusiast with a taste for adventure? When you head into the wilderness, having the right tools can make all the difference. Our 29-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit is a comprehensive, compact solution designed for quick and effective problem-solving in the great outdoors.


What sets our survival kit apart? It's designed with your convenience in mind. Our kit features a quick dismantling function and makes use of a large area of the umbrella parcel, setting it apart from other survival tool kits on the market.

Compact, yet full-featured, our kit covers a wide range of emergency scenarios. Its quick-release functionality ensures that you can swiftly access the tools you need when faced with unexpected situations. Whether you're exploring the outdoors or traveling to new destinations, this survival kit is your essential companion.


This comprehensive kit includes:

  • 1x Disinfection Blade
  • 1x Sewing Needle
  • 1x Fire Starter
  • 1x Aluminum Foil
  • 2x Alcohol Cotton Pads
  • 2x Band-Aids
  • 2x Fish Hooks
  • 2x Lead Sinkers
  • 2x Connectors
  • 2x Floats
  • 5m Fishing Line
  • 1x Whistle
  • 1x Multi-Function Tool Card
  • 1x Mini Flashlight
  • 1x Line Saw
  • 2x Buckle Needles
  • 2x Paper Clips

All these tools are stored in a waterproof bag, so you don't need to worry about water damage. Even if you lack outdoor survival knowledge, our kit comes with waterproof field survival guides made of durable material.


In the wilderness or during your camping adventures, you might face unexpected emergencies. In such situations, our survival kit unfolds to reveal a military regulation seven-core umbrella rope, approximately 10.5 meters long and capable of bearing up to 150kg, serving as a life-saving rope.

The kit also includes fishing tools like fishing lines, hooks, fish falls, connectors, and floats to help you find food. Components like fire sticks, blades, and fondue are essential for starting fires and addressing medical issues like minor injuries and wounds.

The blade and rope, along with the wire saw, serve as versatile tools for survival. Additionally, a multi-function tool card provides 11 handy functions to tackle various outdoor challenges, while the compass assists with direction.

Climbing and U buckles, aluminum paper for insulation, paper clips, and pins further extend the kit's utility, allowing you to adapt and overcome a range of situations.

Don't embark on your outdoor adventures without our 29-in-1 Emergency Survival Kit. It's your all-in-one solution for tackling the unexpected. Prepare for the unexpected today.


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