MANIKO™ Outdoor Camping Lantern With Fan

Our multifunction camping lantern will change how you spend time outdoors! This tool can be used as an ultra-bright lamp, USB charging bank for phones, fan, or flashlight! Conveniently charged by solar or DC so it's powered.


Our Portable camping lantern has a built-in 1800 mA battery. When fully charged, it can be equipped with energy-saving and environmentally-friendly LED lights, which can maintain lighting for more than 12 hours. It's perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, and trekking survival kits.


The tent light is equipped with solar charging, and it can also be charged with household electricity (110V). It can also be equipped with 3 AA batteries. The fan and light can be used at the same time, and it has cooling and lighting at the same time.


The camping lantern is the right size, easy to carry, can be retracted, only 5 inches, can be easily put in a backpack, car, or glove box, stretched to open, shrink to close, very convenient. The metal handles can be easily hung on trees or tents. With a high-revolution motor, the fan can provide strong airflow to maintain ventilation and comfortable space.


Suitable for camping hiking fishing and trekking survival kits, the design of 2 in 1 lamp and fan, perfectly solve the problem of summer travel.


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