NatureHike™ 11L Portable Camping Shower Bag

Experience the freedom of outdoor showers with our Portable Camping Shower Bag. Designed specifically for camping and outdoor enthusiasts, this shower bag allows you to enjoy refreshing showers wherever your adventures take you.


Crafted from eco-friendly PVC material, this shower bag is not only durable but also environmentally conscious. The easy-to-follow instructions make inflation a breeze—simply inflate it by using your feet, no pumps required. With a bucket size of 18.1 inches by 7.9 inches in diameter and a generous volume of 11L, it provides ample water capacity for a satisfying shower experience.


The shower bag comes equipped with a 78.7in water pipe, allowing for flexibility and convenience during use. Whether you need to wash your feet, hands, rinse off camping equipment, or even give your car a quick clean, this versatile shower bag has got you covered. It is designed for easy storage and transportation, making it the perfect companion for your camping and outdoor excursions.


The barrel features a PVC folder mesh and is sealed with a high-frequency laser welding process, ensuring durability and reliable water containment. The protective cover on the lid prevents excessive pressure build-up, providing added safety and peace of mind. The special nozzle design offers a large water area for an invigorating shower experience. The grasping switch allows for easy opening and closing, enabling you to conserve water and resources effectively.


Q: How do I inflate the shower bag?
A: Inflating the shower bag is easy. Simply follow the instructions and use your feet to inflate it—no pumps are required.

Q: How much water does the shower bag hold?
A: The shower bag has a generous volume of 11L, providing ample water capacity for a satisfying shower experience.

Q: Can I use the shower bag for purposes other than showering?
A: Absolutely! The shower bag is versatile and can be used for washing feet, hands, rinsing off camping equipment, or even cleaning your car.

Q: Is the shower bag easy to transport?
A: Yes, the shower bag is designed for easy storage and transportation. Its portable and compact design makes it a convenient companion for your camping and outdoor adventures.


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