YUMOSHI™ 12BB 5.5:1 Lightweight Spinning Fishing Reel

Experience superior fishing with the YUMOSHI™ 12BB 5.5:1 Lightweight Spinning Fishing Reel, ideal for both professional and weekend anglers.

High-Performance Ball Bearings
Equipped with 12 high-quality ball bearings, this reel ensures ultra-smooth casting and retrieving. The corrosion-resistant bearings guarantee long-lasting performance.

Durable Metal Components
Featuring a metal wire cup, precision aluminum alloy gear, brass main shaft, and metal washer, this reel offers strength and reliability for handling large catches.

Lightweight and Comfortable Design
Its lightweight, hollow design reduces fatigue during long fishing sessions without compromising strength.

Anti-Corrosion Protection
Anti-salt and anti-dust features increase corrosion resistance, making it suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Versatile Handle Design
The left and right-hand exchangeable and foldable half-metal handle ensures ergonomic and practical use, making it easy to store and transport.

Instant Anti-Reverse System
The instant anti-reverse system prevents the handle from spinning backward, ensuring immediate hook sets and reducing the risk of losing your catch.

High Gear Ratio for Quick Retrieval
With a 5.5:1 gear ratio, this reel offers faster retrieval, making it ideal for various fishing techniques.

User-Friendly Design
The anti-reverse switch allows for easy and quick use, suitable for both novice and experienced anglers.

Corrosion-Resistant Body
The lightweight graphite body with a rich black finish is highly corrosion-resistant, ensuring durability.

Compatible with All Fishing Rods
Suitable for river, sea, and stream fishing rods, this reel offers versatility for different environments.

Upgrade your fishing gear with the YUMOSHI™ 12BB 5.5:1 Lightweight Spinning Fishing Reel for an enhanced fishing experience.


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